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We  love the challenge of keeping up to date with the latest website and internet marketing products for your business. We use the fully responsive theme on the WordPress platform . Fully responsive so you just need one website for all devices: smartphones,tablets and home computers.  WordPress powers 1 out of every 6 websites in the world. And adds 100,000 new websites every day. It’s easy to use,yet very powerful. It s great for creating the main website, then easier for the clients to do editing without later without  having to wait for some web guy in California or India to make your changes. Not to mention saving a lot of money for your business.

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All of our websites meet Google’s current  standard of  at least 300+ words of optimized content so your website will be search engine ready.  Basically the website forms to  your mobile device. This way  you don’t lose sections of  your content when viewed by mobile users. I have an awesome introductory  offer going right now. Package includes around five pages of WordPress responsive website. Plus your  first year of web hosting included. Also $100 Google Adwords voucher. For an additional $100 I can create your first Google Adwords campaign for you.  So start your new  Adwords campaign risk free. I do  highly recommend a well run Adwords campaign to get you to the top fast.  With the top placements from Google, plus a great website to close the deal our clients see results within days. Get immediate calls from new customers. All this is a $2500+ value. Limited time offer for $500-$600.

Internet Marketing Sarasota is aggressive and affordable. I am absolutely performance driven.  When I hear clients talk about just being on the first page of browsers. That means nothing to me. I have several businesses of my own and I would only receive a third of the calls if I stopped at even top  of the first page organic rankings.  I work to get my clients to the very top both organically and using pay per click. Primarily Google program’s Adwords,YouTube pay per click. Many of your customers look for a product or service for one or two minute’s total. My goal is to have my client’s pop up several times within the top listings of the first half of the first page. With a clear and concise pay per click ad. In addition to organically credible feedback from customers.  Then we close the deal with an excellent website that shows what you can do for them at a fair price. Then you get the call.

My goal is to get your website and your Google Places and Yahoo locals page in the top 5  in your market. When I take on a new client I take on a new business. I do everything I can to get them optimized in all the many areas. You will see big changes very early on.  I am very impatient and I don’t mind if you are to. I specialize in jump starting campaigns very fast. I primarily use Google Adwords   for fast results. I do this while also working on your organic placements.  And getting your business listed with all the business directory services.   We also establish and refine your social media presence.  I use  WordPress blogs,Facebook,Twittter,Pinterest, to post info with all the proper key words and meta tags.  We keep potential and existing customers up to date on company specials and activities.I can start programs to help your customers give positive feedback to your overall online presence. If you have a good reputation, we need new potential customers to know that. We handle every aspect of your marketing.

If you use Service Magic and are tired of paying those high prices for leads. I can get you better results and get the customers directly to you. So you can keep more of your hard earned money. There are no shortcuts to good SEO, it takes alot of time and experience.  We do not stop until your rankings are excellent and even then we continue working to keep you separated from your competitors.I will list everything I will get done in the first week. So we can agree and you will see exactly where your money is going. I don’t cost companies money overall. I make them a lot of money. So good SEO is not a decision of can you afford it, it’s more of a decision can you afford not to. At the beginning of the project we can analyze your competition so we know who to overtake and how. If your competition hires me and you don’t, you will wish you had. I play to win. Call for a free evaluation today.


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